University of Windsor's EPICentre Celebrates Five Years

It's been five years since the Entrepreneurship Practice Innovation and Innovation Centre began supporting aspiring business people.

The University of Windsor program supports graduates who want to create a thriving new business after graduation. Current and previous benefactors gathered at Walkersville's Willistead Manor Friday to celebrate.

Marketing Co-ordinator Layan Barakt says the EPICentre has offered up hundreds of services and interacted with more than 15,000 students since its inception.

 "We've grown exponentially and today's a celebration of just how far we've come," she says.

The free program offers an alternative to UWindsor students up to seven years after graduation, according to Barakt.

"You don't have to go out and try to get someone to hire you. You can be your own boss and we're giving you the tools that you need to make that dream happen," added Barakt.

She says business veterans like David Kirby and Lucas Works Staffing founder Maureen Lucas have been constants for the program over the past five-years.

"They've really helped our students. A lot of the founder students will say that they owe everything to Maureen and Dave because they really helped them and held their hand through every step of the process," she says.

Barakt goes on to say EPICentre has supported more than 200 youth-ventures and backed more than 40 start-ups to date.