University Of Windsor Students Protest Another Increase In Tuition

Students at the University of Windsor are opposing another year of increasing tuition.

Because the semester has ended, there were only a handful out for the event at the CAW Student Centre.

The University of Windsor Student Alliance VP of Student Advocacy - Matthew Dunlop - says the increases have already been published at 3-5-percent.

He says that's a $100 per semester increase for a Social Work Student to as high as $800 per semester for an international engineering student.

Dunlop worries the universities staffing and administration are ballooning beyond the needs of the students:  "a lot of the money goes to the administrative bloat when you look at the university of Windsor we have about $250-million for operating revenue but 60-70% that goes to faculty"

Student Amanda Skocic says the debt load is stressful to think about: "definitely a lot of worries, I think I shouldn't be focusing so much on overwhelming debt it should be more about finding a job and sustaining myself and really focusing on my career rather than constantly having to worry about all the money I'll have to pay back in the future"

Student Bree Arbor believes the student body needs to be more engaged:  "a lot more collective democratic action, if we could form general assemblies and build up to larger actions that really put pressure on the board of governors force their hand at cooperation with us in trying to lower and freeze tuition rates"

Dunlop says a Stats Canada calculation in 2012 put all student debt in Canada at $28-billion.