Unsettling Details Revealed As Brush Sentencing Continues

The sentencing hearing continues in the murder trial of Matthew Brush.

The 27-year-old from LaSalle confessed to killing Cassandra Kaake in December 2014.

As video playback revealed at the hearing today, the confession came after the detective stepped up her questioning.

"I know you did it," the detective tells Brush. "You cut her fingers off and left one behind."

Brush confesses saying, "I bleeping did it."

He later tells the detective, "I'm a bleeping murderer."

During the video statement, he tells the detective he doesn't know why he killed her. He says he broke into her home, was in her bedroom naked and was masturbating when she came home.

A struggled ensued and he tells the detective, he choked her out and slit her throat.

He later tells the detective, he took a shower in her house and left — taking the knife with him.

Brush says he returned to the home with a gas can and tried to get rid of stuff that had blood on it. He told the detective he cut her fingers off and set a fire in the washroom. Brush added he got rid of the fingers in the river.

The LaSalle man pleaded guilty to second degree murder and arson.

An autopsy determined she was pregnant at the time and died of blood loss.

Video statements will continue tomorrow at 10am.

Following the video statements, court will hear victim impact statements. Submissions will be presented on Friday with the judge's ruling expected on Monday.

Brush's mother will also read a statement.