Up To 35 Caregivers In Windsor-Essex Get Pampered

30 to 35 caregivers in Windsor-Essex have been given the royal treatment today.

As part of National Caregiver Day, the Alzheimer's Society of Windsor-Essex held a relaxation and spa day.

Caregivers were able to come in and get a massage, a foot rub, reflexology or a manicure.

Monica Poisson and her sisters are taking care of their 84-year-old mother who has dementia.

Poisson and her sisters took part in the first steps program to prepare them to take care of someone with the disease.

She says a lot of her stress comes from what will happen in the future.

"She is able to stay at home but we were really worried about how long it would be safe for her to stay there so we wanted to get as much information as we could and as much information for help as we could," says Poisson.

"It is hard and her personality is slowly going away, she forgets, forgets everything but we are lucky that she is ok right now to stay in her house."

Poisson is glad she attended the spa day saying she appreciates the break.

Locally, the local branch provides programs and services for more than 2,800 people diagnosed with dementia and their partners in care.