Upcoming Homeless Survey In Windsor Needs Help

The Homeless Coalition of Windsor-Essex is looking to get a better grasp of the number of homeless people in the area.

It is seeking volunteers to help with an upcoming survey to count the number of people experiencing homelessness.

The program, called "Point-In-Time Count of Homelessness",  involves more than 60 communities using a standardized method.

The survey takes place on Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18.

Coalition Community Developer Angela Yakonich says volunteers should be prepared to walk.

"They will be sent out with a map of the area. They walk down one side of the street and back down the other," she says. "Whoever is coming will need to be able to walk a good distance. Most areas are about a kilometre."

Volunteers will identify local residents sleeping in shelters, on city streets and in public locations.

"This will enable us to place people in a priority sequence based on acuity, as opposed to first-come first-serve," says Yakonich.

As many as 241 people volunteered for a similar survey in 2016. 

Yakonich says ideally, they would like the same or more this year.

People who want to volunteer can visit www.eventbrite.com