UPDATE: Autopsy Today After Man Found Dead In West Windsor Standoff (VIDEO)

The province's Special Investigations Unit has been called in following a standoff in Windsor's west-end.

Police were contacted about a suspect wanted in an Amherstburg shooting who was believed to be in a home on Betts Ave., near Tecumseh Rd. W. in Windsor.

Around 2pm, police entered the garage on the property and found a deceased 34-year-old man.

Due to the circumstances, officers continued to secure the scene and notified the SIU.

Sergeant Steve Betteridge with the Windsor Police Service says city police are investigating the case.

"Later in the day, Windsor police became involved in that investigation and we received information that a male wanted in relation to that shooting was believed to be at a residence in Windsor in the 1500-block of Betts Ave.," says Betteridge.

Betteridge says Windsor and Amherstburg police went to the home together on Betts Ave.

"Members of both services attended that area and were able to secure a target residence," says Betteridge. "We let local school boards know about the situation because there were schools in the area and there is always a secure when there is a police presence."


Detached garage where a suspect was found dead after a lengthy stand-off with Windsor Police Services on Friday Sept. 15, 2017. (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

The SIU is called in whenever there is a serious injuries or death involving a police investigation.

Neighbour Gerry Lemire says the action caught his attention.

"We were just sitting watching TV and all of sudden, all these vehicles started coming around so we just come out and started watching what is going on," says Lemire.

Travis Reitsma lives in the area and says police tried to speak to a man inside.

"Cops every once in a while will put their sirens on and talk to the person inside and they say his name and tell him he is wanted for attempted murder and encourage him to come out with his hands up," says Reitsma.

A postmortem on the deceased man is taking place Saturday in London.