UPDATE: Boblo Ferry Back Up and Running

After suffering from mechanical issues, the Boblo Island Ferry is back up and running.

Amherstburg Fire Chief Bruce Montone says the ferry was out of service from about 9pm on Monday evening to 3pm on Tuesday afternoon.

He adds. emergency personnel do have access to a tug boat if there is a medical emergency on the island but it can't transport equipment or fire trucks.

"Boblo Island certainly isn't a new issue for us," says Chief Montone. "Of course in the winter months for example, during freeze-up when the ferry is unable to run, this is just another example of limited access from time to time."

Montone says there have been conversations with EMS and police to cover medical calls.

The four-minute ferry ride carries 16 vehicles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from Amherstburg to Boblo.