UPDATE: Clement Removed From Caucus

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has asked Tony Clement to leave the Conservative caucus over alleged repeated sexual impropriety.

Clement admitted Tuesday that he sent explicit texts to an unnamed woman he thought was consenting to the communications.

Instead, Clement -- the former party's justice critic -- says he was being set up for extortion.

Clement insisted the sexting was only a one-time thing, but Scheer told reporters on Wednesday more allegations are surfacing.

A Windsor political science professor says the actions of Conservative M.P. may be damaging, but not necessarily career ending.

Lydia Miljan addressed the issue on the Lynn Martin Show on AM800.

She said the final decision is up to the voters in his Parry Sound - Muskoka riding.

"I don't know if it's ending his career, it's certainly making life very awkward for him, what he's done is step down from his shadow cabinet position but he's still serving as an M.P.  Ultimately his constituents are going to decide whether or not this ends his career, he's still got a year, the election's coming pretty hard and fast so this could be the ballot question in his riding"

Miljan said the issue speaks to his moral values.

"It's all about integrity of politicians, right? And we often, and this is my view, if someone is going to betray the person they committed their life to then how much am I going to trust their decisions for me as a constituent moving forward"

She added the actions do not line up with his party's politics.  As a Conservative they tend to run on family values and this is not part of that platform.

Miljan says the married father of three children will also have to sort out the situation of his private life.

She says at the end of the day Clement made a bad choice, but we have seen politicians come back from these kinds of actions.


— with files from The Canadian Press