UPDATE: Flu Season Hitting Front Line Health Workers Hard

Flu season is in full swing and it's not just impacting patients at Windsor Regional Hospital.

CEO David Musyj says it's hitting health workers hard this year. "We're not immune from what's going on in the community, if anything our staff are more prone because they're in the environment where people are coming in who are not feeling well.

Musyj says the entire system is being hit.  "Physicians who are ill, we've seen it with respect to EMS yesterday and the last period of time has had a tough time as well. Hopefully we get through it over the next few weeks and we get on the other end of it."

"Everyone's doing their part to keep things moving," says Musyj. "The remaining staff who are physically here have to either work longer or work more shifts than what they're traditionally used to. They all pitch in during this time of year recognizing that it unfortunately, it could be them next getting ill, so they want to help their fellow colleagues."

Musyj says most staff have received their annual flu shots.

Meanwhile, the Influenza B outbreak for the 7th floor at the Ouellette Campus has now expired while the outbreak for the 6th floor of the Met Campus is set to expire on Saturday.

As a result, patient transfers were limited.

At its peak,  there were 21 confirmed cases over at the Ouellette Campus alone.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi