UPDATE: Funding Goal Reached To Buy A Windsor Man Dentures

UPDATE: As of 7:30am on January 18th, the fundraising goal to buy the man his new dentures had been surpassed.

Windsor's Victoria Manor Supportive Housing is asking for the public's help.

Executive Director Leigh Vachon says there was an gastro-intestinal outbreak last week resulting in a number of residents getting ill.

She says due to the outbreak, one senior, Leigh Zeigler, lost his upper dentures and needs help replacing them.

Vachon says the $975 dentures are no longer covered through the city's discretionary benefits and funding is no longer offered by the United Way.

Committed to getting new dentures for the 70-year-old resident, a Go Fund Me page has been set up. Vachon says it's not always easy for those living in communal living environments.

"To bring attention to the fact that low income individuals have problems like this," says Vachon.  "Not just people living in communal living environments but anywhere. When there's no dollars for things like that, you go without teeth."  

Vachon says it's been a tough week for the senior resident.

"Eating has been extremely difficult obviously and he's a very smiley guy, we've talked to him about the fact that we notice that he's not doing that much at all," says Vachon.

Vachon says it's not uncommon to have outbreaks at the home.

"As this poor lovely senior gentleman was vomiting that's what we believe has happened is he threw up his top plant," says Voucher.  "Didn't realize it at the time because he was so ill and when he was better, realized he no longer had his top plant."    

Vachon says residents at any of the city's subsidized housing only receive $146 a month for their personal needs.