UPDATE: Heated Lacrosse Game In Windsor Leads To An Arrest

Windsor police had to be called in after things got heated at Forest Glade Arena.

Police were called just after 10pm after last night's Junior B Lacrosse playoff game between the Windsor Clippers and Wallaceburg Red Devils. 

Officers went to the outer dressing room area and found a large crowd was still gathered near a temporary barricade separating both dressing room outer areas. They dispersed the crowd in what was described as a tense atmosphere.

Windsor police Sgt. Steve Betteridge says people often get caught up in the emotions of a game.

"Tense competition is fantastic — that's what sport is all about — but when citizens are caught up by that they're still bound by the law and people are responsible for their actions," says Betteridge."

[WATCH a video of the dispute obtained by CTV Windsor ]
Officers were told an adult male had assaulted another adult male with a lacrosse stick. Investigators determined there was a dispute between a member of the Wallaceburg coaching staff and an 18-year-old fan. Things escalated and a fan was hit with a lacrosse stick, suffering minor injuries.

While no injuries are reported, a 30-year-old member of the Red Devils coaching staff was arrested and is charged with assault with a weapon. 

The suspect was released on a promise to appear. No names have been released.

"If there was anyone else — that did not have an opportunity to speak to police officers — then by all means they can call us directly or Crime Stoppers anonymously," says Betteridge.

Meanwhile, there will be extra security for the next Lacrosse playoff game Saturday in Wallaceburg.

Speaking on AM800's the Afternoon News, Junior B Lacrosse League Commissioner Dave Vernon says precautions will be in place.

"In situations like this, security police or firms be employed by the two teams for further games."

He says any discipline will be handed down by the Ontario Lacrosse Association but he's worried about the impression this leaves on the public.

"I'm just concerned primarily with any incidents that have happened with fans and players, this kind of thing can't happen, this is not good.," says Vernon. "It is a black eye on the league."