UPDATE: Infrastructure Was Working Following Record Rainfall: Mayor DiCarlo

The pumps in the town of Amherstburg were working following a record rainfall according to the town's mayor.

Saturday night, the town received 5.7 inches or rain in six hours — the infrastructure is designed for 3.4 inches in six hours.

As of Tuesday morning, more than 30 homeowners had reported some flooding. 

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says most of the flooding occurred in the Kingsbridge area, with some of the oldest homes only being about 15 years old.

He says previous flooding occurred in McGregor so the area that was hit came as a bit of a surprise.

At one point, he says there was an area of County Rd. 20 that had water four inches deep.

"The first thing they have to do is let us know," says DiCarlo. "If they don't let us know, even if they don't need any help, short term a lot of them have been concerned about the garbage pick-up so we are working on that."

He says in some cases, leaves were a culprit.

"I did hear from some residents who noticed water starting to pond and come up their properties, they ran out checked the drainage and sure enough there was leaves covering the grates and quick thinking, they cleared them and it receded quite quickly."

DiCarlo is encouraging anyone who experienced flooding to contact the town's Public Works Dept. at 519-736-3664 to have it on record.

He also wants people to know there is a subsidy program available for backflow valves and downspout disconnects.

The town is also working on a special garbage pick-up to collect flood debris.