UPDATE: Job Cuts at the Public School Board

Job cuts are coming at the Greater Essex County District School Board.

According to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation, the school board has informed the Educational Support Staff and Professional Student Services Personnel bargaining units that a 'number of positions' will be eliminated to balance the budget.

It means fewer students will have access to speech and language, social work as well as wait longer for mental health services.

Educational Support Staff unit President Kristen Garrett-Spanswick says her members were devastated by the job losses and more upset that frontline supports are being cut to the most vulnerable.

She says 15 members were notified of their loss of position which will affect the most vulnerable students.

"Anything from students with a developmental needs, to behavioural needs to physical challenges and mental healht issues, and those supports will be reduced as a result of the lack of funding from the government," says Garrett-Spanswick.  "There is no doubt that the current government has thrown the education system into chaos."

Unless something changes, she say the job cuts will take affect in September.

It's unknown how many Professional Student Services Personnel are affected.

School Board Spokesperson Scott Scantlebury says the budget process is still under way and it informed the union about potential layoffs as part of the bargaining process.

He says the final number of 'potential layoffs' isn't known as staffing is dependent on the budget, enrollment and government funding.