UPDATE: LaSalle No Longer Interested In Policing Amherstburg

A change of heart from the Town of LaSalle.

LaSalle council has decided it will not submit a proposal to take over policing in the Town of Amherstburg.

Mayor Ken Antaya says the town realized it won't be able to compete with the OPP or Windsor police.

Back in December 2014, Amherstburg stated it was interested in a RFP for its policing services.

Antaya says there is no way LaSalle could provide a cheaper rate to another municipality.

"We had originally requested to be included in the circulation but then we also quoted on communication and we weren't close.  It's just an exercise that we feel that wouldn't be useful.  I don't think we can compete with OPP and Windsor with pricing."     

Antaya says it wouldn't be useful to submit a proposal.

"We're not going to provide the service any cheaper in another municipality then it's currently being provided in LaSalle and we know that we're more expensive.  Our residents they recognize that it's more expensive yet 99 out of 100 comments I receive from people our pro current police operations."        

Antaya says LaSalle would have had a tough time competing against Windsor and the OPP.

"We know that we're not going to provide it any cheaper than what we're currently providing in our town.  We maybe able to shave down the cost just a wee bit when you combine the two municipalities but then you might lose a little bit of your autonomy so I think there are more responsibilities and it may not be worth the price tag."

Meanwhile, Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says the town will proceed with the OPP and the Windsor police option to consider.

He says with LaSalle opting out, it could have an impact on the bigger picture.

"Where it does affect the overall outcome is that I still believe in the long term, the most efficient cost responsible model for the residents is some form of regional policing," says DiCarlo.

"At the end of the day, there are a lot of things for the town to consider, cost is obviously one of them, but the residents have made it clear that any kind of savings still has to reflect a level of community policing that we have become accustomed to."

As heard on AM800 news last month, the OPP is set to give Amherstburg its requested costing by the end of the summer.

At that time, Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick said Windsor was still interested in submitting a costing proposal.

Earlier this year, Amherstburg Police Service approved a five year contract with Windsor instead of LaSalle for providing dispatching services.

Windsor's cost to providing the service was $653,000 while LaSalle bid came in at $1.4 million.