UPDATE: NDP Claim Conservatives Preparing to Privatize Healthcare

The Ontario NDP claim it has been leaked a document, showing the premier is "revving up" for severe cuts and privatization in Ontario's healthcare system.

At a news conference on Thursday, Leader Andrea Horwath says she'll fight to stop cuts and privatization.

According to the NDP, internal government documents obtained by the party, including a draft of legislation, lays out Ford's plan to create a new "Super Agency health bureaucracy," with a specific mandate to privatize health services such as hospitals.

Horwath says the NDP received the document in a manila envelope, late Wednesday afternoon and have yet to confirme the authenticity of the document.

Provincial Health Minister Christine Elliot responded to the draft legislation leaked by the NDP, saying "since the NDP haven't been in government for 24 years, they may not konw how the legislative process works. Drafts are drafts. It's not been finalized. But our government is continuing to consult and listen to the people..."


Statement by Health Minister Christine Elliot, January 31, 2019 (Photo courtesy of @cristina_CP24 via Twitter)