UPDATE: OPP Investigating After Woman Run Over by SUV in Belle River


It was a heartbreaking scene in a quiet Belle River neighbourhood Saturday.

Provincial police were called to the 300 block of Harvest Ln. for a report of a elderly woman getting run over by an SUV at around 12pm.

Cindy Diemer was washing her car across the street when it all began.

"I heard my neighbour calling her husband’s name, which she tends to do, unfortunately she has dementia. I turned around and saw her on the outside of the passenger side holding onto the door and it was rolling down the driveway," she says. "She kept yelling for him and yelling for him and the car was not stopping."

That's when Diemer sprang into action, but she was too far away to get there in time.

"I ran as fast as I could, but by the time I got there she was pinned underneath the passenger-side front-wheel," says Diemer who added the woman suffered what appeared to be serious injuries to her lower body.  "At that point I looked into the car to see if there was anybody in it and her husband was in it, but he had a complete blank on his face. Like there was nothing there. I ran across to my neighbour and called 911."

Diemer tells AM800 News she didn't hear any commotion or see anything out of the ordinary leading up to what happened.

"Clearly, it was an accident, he loves her, and he does so much for her. He takes care of her, it's clearly a bad, bad accident unfortunately," says Diemer, who has lived across the street from the couple for over seven years.

OPP has confirmed the woman suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries — her husband was also transported to hospital to be treated for, "an unknown medical event."

The investigation continues.