UPDATE: Pile Of Flood Debris Worries Walkerville Resident

The pile of flood debris that's being dumped at the former GM Transmission Plant site has at least one Walkerville resident concerned.

Haley Wells lives near the site that runs from Walker Rd. to Kildare Ave. south of Ottawa St.

She knows the debris has to go somewhere, but wants some assurance it won't be there long term.

Wells says she worries spores from the moulding garbage might get blown around by the wind.

"It's obviously an unsightly pile of rotting garbage but on top of that, my biggest concern is my kids and the kids in the neighborhood," says Wells "There's a park essentially across the street from that."


Garbage from flooded basements at the former GM Transmission Plant site (via Haley Wells)

Wells agrees the debris needs to be collected and disposed of, but doesn't want the neighborhood to become a landfill.

She says you can see mattresses, garbage bags, flooring and other items through the chain link fence surrounding the site.

Windsor Engineer Mark Winterton says the city worked with the Ministry of Environment to find a location to deposit the debris temporarily due to the high volumes of material.

Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt says he has heard complaints but emphasizes the location is only temporary.

"The vast majority of them are very understanding and they understand that by using that site, we are speeding up the removal the debris from their lawns but they  have concerns and rightfully so."

Holt  says debris is being removed.

"As the trucks and frontend loaders that are hauling the debris off the yards and depositing them at the GM site, there are also a number of trucks that will also be daily picking them up and taking them out to the landfill in the county," says Holt.

Winterton says residents should only have to deal with it for a few more weeks.  "We figure it is 4-6 weeks from the time that the rain happened on August 29th so hopefully by the end of September we will be out of there."

With files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros