UPDATE: Police Charge 3 Suspects In East Windsor Stabbings

Police have charged three men in connection with a stabbing in east Windsor.

Officers were called to a home in the 2600 block of Jefferson Blvd, south of Tecumseh Rd East around 1am Thursday.

Police say two of the suspects suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries and were taken to hospital.

Police say the stabbings occurred during a confrontation between the men.

Susan DeSantis lives a few doors down and only woke up when police knocked on her door. 

"As soon as a police officer comes to your door at 1:30 in the morning, I'm like oh my God," she says. "He said there was a fight down the street and wondered whether I had heard anything and I said I didn't hear a word."

"I came out after that and I saw three police cars and then I saw one police man with a dog and then he went into the field across the street."

DeSantis says a man, around 30-years-old, lives in the home alone.


Police investigate a double stabbing in east Windsor. August 17, 2017 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)