UPDATE: Port Authority Urging Boaters to Keep Wakes to a Minimum


The Windsor Port Authority is putting out a warning to boaters.

Harbour Master Peter Berry says wakes from passing boats are causing major damage to waterfront properties.

After meeting with city officials and local police services Tuesday, Berry says the Port Authority is consdering a ban on motorized watercraft activity within 30 metres of shore.

He says they're not looking to hand out tickets, but to educate boaters.

"Really what we're looking for is working with the boating community talking about respecting the fact that we are at crisis water levels. It's about a mutual respect. We're looking to keep boating moving, but at the same time those boats, those vessels coming through need to understand that there's people's homes and livelihoods are being effected by this flooding."

Berry says many boaters don't realize the impact their wakes are having.

"I try to be optimistic and not believe that it's an egregious violation by people, that more it's, "It's not me", "I'm going slow", "I'm going the right speed" or "I'm far enough away." It's incumbent on each of the operators of the vessels to take a look at what kind of wake am I pushing? What's coming behind me?"

Docking your boat will still be permitted under the ban, although Berry is urging boaters to keep their speed down while coming into shore.

The official request for the ban would go to Transport Canada and if approved, would be implemented as soon as possible.

The proposed ban is also being supported by the Town of LaSalle and would include the shoreline in LaSalle and Amherstburg. 

The ban would remain in place until water levels subside.