UPDATE: Postal Workers In Tecumseh Bracing For A Hit

The union representing workers at the Tecumseh post office is bracing for restructuring which it claims will make working conditions worse.

The new plan goes into effect July 16 and includes new routes for the carriers and  mail delivery will begin at two separate times in the morning.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Local 630 President Phil Lyons says the remaining 13 workers are already putting in 22-25 hours per day in overtime.

He believes the two start times will actually mean some mail won't be delivered until the next day and he doesn't want to see carriers out at night in the fall and winter.

It appears cuts have been spared this time around.

"There won't be any layoffs but there won't be any improvements," says Lyons. "Our biggest concern is our employees ending up out on the streets, in the fall and winter when the days get shorter and they are working 10-12 hour days."

Lyons says Canada Post isn't taking into account the volume of mail that is being delivered which is not dropping in Tecumseh while parcels are growing 35-40% per year.

He says since 2008, the Tecumseh depot has lost more than 55% of its staff.

Canada Post issued a statement saying restructuring occurs regularly at depots across the country.

"It involves consultation with the local union and incorporates feedback from employees and the union over time.  The process is to ensure we have the proper routes and resources in place to deliver to Canadians. In Tecumseh, a lot of what we are doing is to alleviate concerns raised by employees and the local union regarding routes, overtime, etc." says Spokesperson Jon Hamilton.

Hamilton confirms there will not be any staffing reductions and in fact, he says Canada Post will be adding two part-time positions at the facility.