UPDATE: Sex Assault Cases Under Review In LaSalle

It's an exercise in trust according to Senior Constable Harbinder Gill with the LaSalle Police Service.

The service is launching an internal review of sexual assault investigations, spanning from 2012 to 2016, after a Globe and Mail article pinned the service has having one of the highest rates of 'unfounded' sexual assault complaints in the country.

The newspaper reported 16 of 59 sexual assault complaints were dismissed while 22 resulted in charges.

Gill says the numbers reported by the Globe and Mail don't quite match-up with what the LaSalle Police Service has on record, so that will also be a focus of the investigation.

The review will be conducted by the chief, deputy chief and two staff sergeants.

"The most important issue for LaSalle police is to ensure public confidence in the service," says Gill. "We have to be able to share the details and demonstrate to people that these are the allegations that came in and this is what we did with those allegations, so they understand why those allegations were handled the way they were."

Gill stresses the service doesn't feel it has acted inappropriately in handling sexual assault complaints but wants to ensure the public has complete confidence in its officers.

The results of the review will become public once it has been presented to the police services board.