UPDATE: Tall Grass Complaints Up 40% in Windsor

Mother Nature is causing a spike in tall grass on private property complaints to the city's 311 centre.

So far, there has been a 40% jump in the number of people complaining about tall grass on private property.   

Nearly 1,200 complaints have been received, compared to 800 last year.

It is up to the property owner to keep grass under 12 inches, otherwise, they are violating a city by-law.

If grass is taller than 12 inches, an order will be issued to the property owner to cut the grass within 7 days.

If they comply, the complaint will be closed.

If the grass isn't cut, the city will take the next step to contract the work and fees will be put on the owner's property taxes.

Speaking on AM800's the Afternoon News, Manager of Bylaw Enforcement Bill Tetler says the spike in complaints, isn't a surprise.

"Well the rain has been exceptional this year which is making the grass grow and we do have a backlog of complaints," he says.  "Sometimes it takes us a bit longer to get out to those complaints where the grass has an opportunity to grow until we get out there."

Complaints can be logged via 311 by phone call, text message or the app.  

Tetler emphasizes the property owner is always given the chance to comply with the order, so the issue will not be resolved overnight.

--With files from AM800's Patty Handysides--