UPDATE: Windsor Daycare Complies With Ministry Order

A Windsor daycare has complied with a ministry order following an incident last month after three children managed to wander away.

The order was issued June 20th to La Garderie Les Petites Mains on Ottawa St by the Ministry of Education.

It was issued to the daycare provider to "ensure that every child who receives child care at the child care centre it operates is supervised by an adult at all times, whether the child is on or off the premises."

Ministry of Education Spokesperson Heather Irwin tells AM800 News the daycare provider was in compliance with the order June 26.

Last month, a mother of two children at the daycare posted on Facebook that a gate had swung open in the playground area and three children got out.

Witnesses spotted the children on the street and came to their rescue to help them.

No one was hurt.