UPDATE: Windsor Man Charged Following Firearms Threat in Downtown Windsor

A Windsor man has been charged following a firearms threat in downtown Windsor Wednesday.

Police were called to a business on Ouellette Ave. and Riverside Dr. around 3:45pm for a report of a person with a gun.

Officers spoke with employees of the business and were told a man had been removed for disorderly behaviour.

He soon returned and was met again with staff.

The suspect said he had a firearm and threatened an employee.  No gun was seen.

Police received a description of the suspect and located him on Riverside Dr., just west of Ouellette Ave.

The suspect did not comply with officer's demands and police used a taser to gain control.

The man was arrested and it was determined that he did not have a firearm.

Tarek Elias, 36, is charged with one count of uttering a threat.