UPDATE: Witnesses Call South-Windsor Crash 'Scary Situation'

Employee's at a south-Windsor pizza parlour recount a crash that sent three people to hospital.

Windsor Police Services were called to Cantina Gourmet Market on the corner of Howard Ave. and North Talbot Rd. at around 12pm Saturday. Patrol officers arrived to find an elderly woman had accidentally put her car in drive instead of reverse and plowed through a patio adjacent to the parking lot — hitting a family of three.

Police say a teenage girl suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries, the girl's father and teenage sister both suffered minor injuries — all three were transported to hospital.

Logan Provost was working next door at Antonino's Original Pizza when a customer opened the door to leave. He tells CTV Windsor that's when he heard the commotion unfold.

"They just opened the door, they were about to go out. I heard a rev of an engine, little squeal of the tires and then I kind of heard like a smash," says Provost. "It was a scary situation for me and for everyone. Especially that scream, it just sent chills down my back."

Alec Mladenovic was also working at Antonino's — he says the scene was chaotic. 

"When you hear something like that followed by screaming, you're not too sure what to think of it at first so you can't really prepare yourself," says Mladenovic. "Especially when I walked out and saw it, it was just total confusion and surprise."

Cantina was open Sunday; the owner would only tell CTV News the restaurants employees were shaken up by the incident as well.

No word if any charges are pending as WPS's Traffic Enforcement Unit continues its investigation.

— with files from CTV Windsor's Ricardo Veneza