UPDATE: Woman Screamed For Help Hears Windsor Murder Trial

Three witnesses have testified at a Windsor murder trial about hearing a woman screaming for help.

John Wayne Pierre, 49, is on trial charged with second-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend 42-year-old Lesley Watterworth.

Her body was found in her home at 925 Curry Ave. on November 1, 2016.

She had been beaten and stabbed.

Kurtis Greenwood, who lives nearby, testified he heard a woman yelling "I don't expletive need you" and "Get the expletive out".

He heard smashing and he also saw, who he believed to be Watterworth's boyfriend wearing blue coveralls and no shirt that same day.

But he admitted under cross examination, he never saw the boyfriend inside the home.

Another witness, Kristy Stearry testified she heard a 'high pitched scream' from a woman and the woman yelling for help.

She approached the home and saw a man in a second floor window.  She said based on his arm movements, it looked like he was 'strangling or raping' someone.  The man in the window didn't have a shirt on.

Neither witness called police.

A third witness testified he was visiting a friend and heard a woman repeatedly screaming for help.

"I never heard something like that before," he testified. He said "it was a desperate need for help.'

He walked over to the house, toward the direction of the screams to make sure everything was ok.

He began talking to a man in the window where the screams were coming from, asking if everything was fine.

When the man inside the home said to call the police, the witness figured everything was ok and he left.