UPDATED: Arena Staff on Strike in Lakeshore

Part-time facility attendants at Lakeshore's Atlas Tube Centre are on strike.

The 21 IBEW Local 636 members hit the picket lines at 6pm Tuesday night.

Lakeshore mayor Tom Bain says a plan is in place to ensure there are no programming disruptions for residents.

"Part-time workers, Zamboni drivers for instance, and worker who keep the arena clean. We have plans in place. We'll be able to keep our Atlas Tube Centre going every day. Hopefully we'll be able to resolve the problem."

He says residents may see delays entering or leaving due to pickets.

"They'll see picketers. That's something we have to work out, picketers probably at the entrance. Generally, you're stopped for a while and then you'll be able to come in and do your activities. All of our activities that are presently scheduled will be continued."

Bain says the demands the union brought to the table weren't reasonable.

"Wages is probably one of the big issues there. We're extremely far apart on the wages. Initially they came in with a 40% increase. I believe their latest proposal was an 18% increase and council could not see to go there."

The workers were certified as a bargaining unit in February 2018 and began bargaining for their first collective agreement in the fall.

No word yet when contract talks will resume.

— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley