UPDATED: FCA Gives Notice To Wind Down Transport Operations In Windsor (AUDIO)

FCA has notified Unifor that it wants to wind down its Transport operations in Windsor.

FCA Canada Spokesperson LouAnn Gosselin says retirement packages will be offered to eligible employees at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

Employees who don't take the package or are not eligible to retire will be offered positions at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

But Unifor Local 444 President Dino Chiodo says this is not a done deal.

He says the company has notified workers it intends to outsource the division but a Request for Proposals (RFP) has not gone out and therefore it is still unknown whether it will be successful.

"They have to put out RFP bids, people have to be competitive to bid, we are not going to take non-unionized carriers to our front door and providing work to us because we have never done that and we are not going to start doing that so there is a number of pieces that are connected this is not as easy as saying it is gone," says Chiodo.

He says this isn't the first time the company has tried to do this.

"They have tried this in numerous occasions in the past and they haven't been successful, they have told us that it wasn't a competitive division but at the same time, we managed to be able to be competitive and successful over the years and we have tried to maintain that."

The FCA Transport operations employs 265 drivers.