UPDATED: Flipped Truck Snarls Bridge Entrance

For the second time in just under a year, a transport truck has flipped on its side blocking the entrance to the Ambassador Bridge.

The trailer, reported to be carrying spice, landed on its left side blocking the inside two lanes of Huron Church Road.

The transport went over at 12:27pm. 


Transport truck on its side at the entrance to the Ambassador Bridge, May 17, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

A nearly identical crash happened last year on August 27th at the same spot.

Richard Gouin works in the vicinity and is surprised it doesn't happen more often.

He has no doubt about what happened.

"I think he was going to fast, I think he was going too fast and ad he was going around the curve the force flipped him over"

He says many of the drivers simply aren't following the rules of the road, it says 50 km'h and many trucks are going faster.

Gouin says transports are close to doing this all the time, he's seen the rear wheels of the trailer lift off the ground..

The driver of the truck was not seriously hurt in the crash and it will take some time to clear the wreck.