UPDATED: Lakeshore Dad Given Jail Time For Accidental Deaths Of His Two Kids

A Lakeshore father found guilty in connection to the deaths of his two children in a train-minivan crash has been sentenced to jail.

32-year-old Andrew Williams was given six-months in jail followed by two years probation and a five-year driving ban.

"I do not seek to crush him or cause him more pain," said Justice Kirk Munroe.

In June 2012, Williams was driving on Strong Rd in Lakeshore when he drove in front of a freight train killing his two daughters, 6-year old Wynter and 3-year old Brooklyn.

Williams testified he didn't see the train in time to stop.  He was found guilty of dangerous driving causing death following a trial.

But Justice Munroe told Williams he failed to fulfill a parental role to protect his children from danger. "The train was there to be seen if he was paying attention."

The Crown was seeking a sentence of 18 to 36 months in jail.

Outside the courthouse, Assistant Crown Walter Costa said he doesn't buy the argument that Williams has suffered enough.

"Well he is not the one who's dead, it's his children who are dead because of his conduct," said Costa. "They are the ones who suffered, they don't get to enjoy the things of life like going to the prom, go to graduation or have children of their own. They are the ones who are dead, I have no sympathy for that kind of argument."

The defence was seeking a suspended sentence and a probation term.

Williams' uncle Mark Williams said the whole scenario has been awful.

"It has been nothing short of an absolute horror show, the whole thing right from the start to finish," he said. "Our family is a huge family, right from the youngest to the oldest. We have all been devastated by it and we will continue to stand by our boy just like we always will, and the girls are in the care of their grandfather  and great grandfather in heaven."

Williams showed little reaction upon hearing the sentence and just turned around to his family and mouthed the words "I love you."'