UPDATED: Owner Of Lost Cash Has Been Found: Windsor Police

The owner of $1,000 in cash found in an envelope at Devonshire Mall has been identified.

The money was discovered December 22nd in the mall parking lot near Chapters.

A good Samaritan found the envelope full of money and contacted police.

Police received several inquiries about the cash as they tried to identify the rightful owner.

It turned out to be a 73-year-old Windsor man who was able to say how much cash was in the envelope.

Police also used video surveillance to verify the man.

Windsor Police Constable Andrew Drouillard says the owner had lost hope of finding his money.

"He was running a lot of errands and once he realized he had lost the money he wasn't able to determine at which place it was lost at, so he gave up on the idea of finding it but then his daughter heard through the media about someone finding the money," says Drouillard.

Drouillard says the man was very happy to get his money back.