Updated Signs a 'Beacon' for University of Windsor


The University of Windsor has replaced a pair of iconic signs on campus.

MacDonald Hall sits just east of the Ambassador Bridge on Huron Church Road near Wyandotte Street West — making the yellow University of Windsor signs atop the dorm the last things travellers see leaving Canada, and the first thing spotted entering the country.

The university's John Coleman says work began to replace those signs with 7.6-metre long and 4-metre high upgrades at the end of August  They were completed this week, adding UWindsor's crest to accompany the school's name.

"We're kind of proud of who we are and where we are; we really wanted to make some kind of a big and bold statement about that," says Coleman, who goes on to say the signs were due for an upgrade after more than 20-years.

With more than 7.2-million travellers crossing the Ambassador Bridge each year; Coleman says the signs serve an important purpose. 

"There are so many people that aren't from this area that may wonder, 'what's that down there?' We think we have a very distinct and great looking campus that's just below the bridge," says Coleman. "If anybody's wondering about it now they'll certainly see it."

He says the signs will be lit by high efficiency LED lighting for years to come.

"It has a real punch when you're going by. I saw the crest this morning when I was coming down Huron Church Road and it really stands out," he added.

Coleman says it cost $200,000 to replace the signs on the north and south side of the 10-storey building.