UPDATED WITH LOCAL REACTION: Kevin O'Leary To Quit Tory Leadership Race

Kevin O'Leary is quitting the federal Conservative leadership race.

The celebrity investor and reality TV star will make the announcement later today and will throw his support behind Maxime Bernier.

O'Leary was seen by some as the front-runner in the race but the lack of support in Quebec posed a problem for him.

O'Leary doesn't speak French.

Executive with the Windsor-West Conservative Party Riding Association Al Teshuba says this is a big boost for the Bernier campaign.

"I think this is a huge advantage for Bernier who came to Windsor and is very nice," says Teshuba. "I can tell you that his leadership skills and experience being an MP and cabinet minister will go very well in his leadership bid."

Teshuba says if O'Leary had to support another candidate in the race, it makes sense to support Bernier whose business policies are relatively the same.


Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier speaks to a crowd at the Lumberjack. March 6, 2017 (Photo by Teresinha Medeiros)

Bernier was in Windsor back in March.

The leadership convention is May 26-27 in Toronto.