UPDATED: ZF/TRW Workers Ratify New Deal

Looks like the second time is a charm for workers at Windsor's ZF/TRW plant — the last of four Windsor Assembly Plant suppliers to ratify a new collective agreement.

They voted 87% in favour of a three-year-deal that was reached early Sunday morning at east-Windsor's Serbian Centre.

Unifor Local 444 President James Stewart says the deal follows pattern bargaining that was ratified early by three other auto parts suppliers which includes close to an 11% wage increase for a total of $2 over the life of the agreement. 

"A 75-cent raise and then a 25-cent raise every six-months after for a total of $2 over the collective agreement," he says. "They got about a 33% increase in pensions."

Stewart says the deal also includes 15 new-hires and more flexibility when cashing in overtime and a Christmas bonus. 

"They were telling us there was stuff in the collective agreement that was very good and there are obviously some that said, you know what, I'll agree with them, we all deserve more," he says. "Ultimately they recognize that they were good gains, but they wanted some of the other things addressed and we did that."

Worker Jenna-Rose Hocevar tells AM800 News no matter what the outcome, you can't make everyone happy.

"Either people will be happy with the changes or it doesn't matter. Some people want what they want and if they didn't get it they weren't going to be happy no matter what," she says."I'm very impressed with what our union brought to the table the first time and they only solidified everything through the second contract."

Windsor Assembly will resume production at 11:30pm Sunday night.

— with files from AM800's Zander Broeckel.