Upgrades Coming To Windsor's Jackson Park

Windsor's Jackson Park is getting $2.1-million worth in upgrades.

On Monday, Windsor City Council approved replacing the old washrooms and parking lot.

The washrooms were constructed in 1965 and do not meet current accessibility standards.

The parking lots and lane ways are in fair to poor condition and need resurfacing, new curbs and drainage.

"This will allow for the installation of a year long bathroom at Jackson Park to handle the types of volumes of folks we were seeing," says Mayor Drew Dilkens.  "But also to make parking improvements and get rid of some of the gravel roads in the park that folks can't really park on and certainly become muddy and problematic when the snow is falling."

Mayor Dilkens says the work is scheduled for over the next two years.

"I think council would like to see that work done sooner rather than later because we know Bright Lights is coming and we know there is high activity in Jackson Park," says Dilkens.  "So 12 months a year Jackson Park is very well used and those improvements that we just approved we'll certainly be an enhancement for all users of Jackson Park."

He says the washrooms are shutdown in the winter and are not accommodating for an event like Bright Lights Windsor which attracted 60,000 people.

Jackson Park is home to more than 10,000 plants including hundreds of tulips in May. It also attracts special events like wedding, prom pictures, tour buses and more recently Bright Lights Windsor.

--With files from AM800's Rob Hindi