US Chamber Echoes Ontario Opposition to Ending Beer Store Deal

Another voice is speaking out against the Ford government's plan to tear up the deal with the Beer Store.

The province has announced it will terminate a 10-year contract with The Beer Store in order to allow the sale of beer and wine in corner stores.

It was signed by the previous Liberal government and permitted beer and wine to be sold in hundreds of grocery stores.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has now written a letter to Premier Doug Ford asking him to reconsider the move.

The business group representing some 3-million members and points out the idea of terminating a contract without compensation would send a negative signal to American businesses.

The letter goes on the state that legal certainty is a key consideration of a business choosing to invest in a jurisdiction.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce previously told Finance Minister Vic Fedeli that ripping up a deal with The Beer Store could deter investment in the province.

Rocco Rossi says the business advocacy group has been supportive of this government, but breaking a legitimate contract is a short-sighted approach.