UWindsor "5 To 10 Years" From Elite Status

There's more on the rising status of the University of Windsor.

As AM800 News reported earlier this week, University Hub, which ranks and reviews universities across the country, believes Windsor has the potential to become an elite institution and put it at the top of its "Universities To Watch" list.

University Hub Co-Founder and Managing Director Joel Nicholson says the UWindsor is likely five to ten years from reaching  its potential.

"Becoming less of a mid-tier university and definitely into the elite-level institutions in Canada," says Nicholson. "Only time will tell, but I think they're investing a lot of money into the necessary things to make them an elite institution both in Canada and around the world."

Nicholson says UWindsor is on the right track to be talked about with the University of Toronto's of the world, but says the University of Waterloo is more of a glimpse into the future for the university.

"University of Waterloo I'd say is almost even more of a replica of a future University of Windsor because they have a great focus on engineering, but other sort of Liberal Arts programs are still part of their core."

Nicholson says the university now needs to work on its brand recognition — and a good place to start is stateside.

"Being based in Windsor and on the border with the United States, I think it's a great opportunity for them to continue targeting US students," says Nicholson. "They've done a great job with their 'good neighbour' gesture tuition fee, which is a flat rate of $6,000 (US) per semester."

Other universities to watch according to UHub are Ryerson in Toronto, University of Lethbridge in Alberta and Mount Allison in New Brunswick.