UWindsor Hosts Summit On Condition Of Lake Erie

Lake Erie is the only issue on the agenda at a bi-national meeting about to get underway at the University of Windsor.

Experts from Canada and the United States will be meeting to talk about a wide range of challenges facing the lake including invasive species and algae blooms.

Dr. Jan Ciborowski with the Department of Biological Sciences says the summit allows different government agencies to discuss potential solutions. "It is where we have had meetings like this to look at the possibilities, the agencies have funded the research to figure out what answer it is and then we take action and propose solutions based on that so it really is an interesting feedback loop."

"The problems are always changing in Lake Erie," says Ciborowski. "The issues have changed. First it was Zebra Muscles, then it was Round Gobies, now we are worried about Asian Carp and harmful algal blooms, pharmaceuticals. So there are always different issues coming up and we are able to point the direction or suggest where the direction should be."

Ciborowski also told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' that 125 scientists, resource managers, citizens and students from both sides of the border are expected to attend the summit over the next two-and-a-half days.