UWindsor's Forensics Program In The Spotlight

A conference at the University of Windsor is showcasing the exceptional forensics program.

Dr. Shashi Jasra is program chair.

She says a substantial grant from the province put them ahead others.

"Because of the good amount of money we got two years consecutively and none of the other university forensic sciences programs got it, we were able to equip the department with the latest technologies and software so that right now I can say we are the leaders in forensic science in Canada."

Jasra says the opportunities for the forensics grads are wide-ranging.

"Whether they're applying for police jobs, whether they're applying at the hospitals, at the banks, any industry, even the Canada Border Services Agency. You name any kind of industry or company and they will need some kind of a forensic expert."

Guest speakers, workshops and a mock crime scene were all part of the day-long event Friday.