UWindsor Sends Strong Team To Nationals

There's a strong contingent from the University of Windsor at the National Track and Field Championships in Ottawa.

The events begin today, July 5, 2018 and continue to Sunday.

18 athletes from the Windsor Athletics Club will compete in 22 events.

The top seeds include Noelle Montcalm, ranked 2nd in the 400mH, Corey Bellemore 3rd in the 1500m, and Emily Omahen 3rd in the long jump, all in the senior division.

There are another 5 athletes ranked in the top 6 going into the weekend, Mandy Brunet, Bailey Dell, Milos Savic, Spencer Vanderlaan, and Rachael Wolfs.

Winners from this event are automatically entered in the North American, Central America and Caribbean Championships in Toronto in August.


Full List of  Athletes

                                                          Event(s)                                          Ranking

1.      Akot Aken                              U20 TJ                                             9th

2.      Stephanie Aldea                  Senior 1500m                               11th

3.      Corey Bellemore                  Senior 1500m                               3rd

4.      Ross Benn                              Senior PV                                       11th

5.      Mandy Brunet                      U20 TJ, JT                                      4th, 9th

6.      Baily Dell                                Senior JT                                        6th

7.      Nick Falk                                 Senior 1500m                               12th

8.      Kimora Harris                        U20 100m, 200m                        20th, 28th

9.      Taryn Lamorie                      U20 LJ                                             9th                                                  

10.  Noelle Montcalm                Senior 400H                                  2nd

11.  Emily Omahen                      Senior LJ                                         3rd

12.  Brett Page                              Senior PV                                       15th                                                  

13.  Mitch Paterson                     Senior 400m, 800m                    24th, 32nd

14.  Milos Savic                             Senior PV                                       5th

15.  Stef Smith                              Senior 1500m, 5000m               17th, 12th

16.  Kaitlyn Stewart                     U20 TJ                                             17th                                                  

17.  Spencer Vanderlaan           U20 SP                                            4th

18.  Rachael Wolfs                       Senior PV                                       4th