UWindsor Sports Management Program Maintains Top Ranking

The Sports Management Program at the University of Windsor's Department of Kinesiology is one of the best in the world.

For the sixth time in seven years Windsor is in the top 25 worldwide.

The rankings are issued by SportBusiness magazine.

The Master of Human Kinetics in Sports Management is also the top ranked in Canada.

Graduate Program Coordinator Jess Dixon admits it's a challenge to maintain the quality, but he says they're up to it.

"The rankings are based on student satisfaction. So a lot of the things that we do within the program help contribute to that, but another 25% of the grade we're given is based on the employability of our students. So the majority of the points allocated to the rankings are based on those two factors."

He says the career opportunities for the graduates are endless.

"Municipal and recreational sport to professional sports to working with international and national sport governing bodies and sports federations, could be sports facilities, could be working with an agency, with a sporting goods manufacturer or wholesaler or retailer. So it's pretty diverse."

Dixon says their "hands on" approach is one of the hallmarks of their program.

"Every student that comes into our program is paired with a faculty advisor who has similar expertise and interests. That supervisor helps mentor the student with everything from course selection to internship placements or thesis topics, but basically walks them through every element of the program."

Dixon adds the high ranking helps retain and attract the top quality faculty required for the program.

He adds the graduation is rarely the last contact with students who stay in touch for years for career advice.