UWindsor Students Play Publisher

University of Windsor students are getting some real life, hands on experience.

Two books were launched Thursday night courtesy of 24 editing and publishing students to help commemorate Canada's 150th birthday.

'Tom Thompson: On the Threshold of Magic' talks about the late Circle of 7 artist while '1967: Centennial Year' is a book of poems about Canada's 100 year celebration.

Black Moss Press helped to publish both books.

UWindsor Professor Marty Gervais oversaw the students during the process.

He says this is a one of a kind course.

"They get to edit two books and they get to design, lay out and produce these two books and the books are available all across the country. What makes it unique is it's the only course in North America that does that because there are other courses that teach editing and publishing skills, but ours is the only one where you actually work with a publishing company."


'Tom Thompson: On the Threshold of Magic' and '1967: Centennial Year' (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Gervais hopes the students take a lot away from the experience.

"When they do make mistakes they're not graded, given a D or an F, they're told to do it over again and they keep doing it over again until they get it right. This is their crowning glory. You should see the faces when they open up those boxes of books and they pull these books out, it's all the work they've been doing since September."

UWindsor's 'Publishing Practicum' course was recently named to Maclean's magazine's list of 'Cool Courses' to take at universities across Canada.