Vandal Rips Up LaSalle Soccer Fields and Baseball Diamonds

The LaSalle Stompers Soccer Club wants to know who tore up four soccer fields at the Vollmer Centre in the town.

Don Durham is with the club and says sometime over the past couple of days a vehicle did several "donuts" causing serious damage to the grass and the field.

The soccer season begins at the end of April and Durham calls the timing terrible.

"The town does a great job at keeping these fields up and going," he says "They spend a lot of money on repairs, because these kids can roll ankles. So they have to be flattened, filled in, resodded and it takes time for that, and a lot of money to do it."

Durham says being down four fields causes big problems.

"We have around 1,800 kids that play soccer in LaSalle. Some nights we have all our fields full. We don't have fields to shuffle them around," he says. "It's going to be quite a bit of work trying to shuffle everybody around, and hopefully we can get it going and it's not too much of a disruption."


Damage done to baseball diamonds at the Vollmer Centre in LaSalle (Photo courtesy of the LaSalle Stompers via Facebook)

Along with damage to the soccer fields, Durham says two baseball diamonds were also damaged.

"The baseball diamonds have just as much damage, if not more. So the town went to LaSalle police. They've been looking at it, so if anybody has any information, please call LaSalle police," he says. "Right now, we don't know who did it or how the investigation is going. So if anybody does have information, please bring it forward.

Durham says there's no word yet how much repairs might cost, but describes the damage as extensive.

Anyone with information is asked to contact LaSalle police at 519-969-5210 or Crime Stoppers.