Vandalism at a City Park

The City of Windsor is assessing the damage after vandals struck at a city park.

The Parks Department was alerted to the damage at Optimist Memorial Park Monday morning, after somebody drove a vehicle through the wet park, tearing up the grass.

Manager of Parks and Operations, James Chacko says thankfully the damage doesn't look to be too extensive.

"There's definitely some cosmetic damage that we are going to have to repair come spring time," he says "At this point, the ground is too soft and it's still too early in the year to really perform any top dressing duties to remedy the situation."

Chacko says unfortunately there is no surveillance footage.

"We haven't had any other reports from either residents through 311 or any police reports generated at this time about any knowledge," hew says. "So I'd certainly stress if anybody has any knowledge or is aware and saw something, or has any ideas of a licence plate or a description of anything to please call us or the police department."

Chacko is hopeful the repairs won't be anything more than esthetics and that city crews will get out to make the repairs as soon as the ground can handle the work. But he says the situation is frustrating.

"These are the types of situations where it is the one-tenth of one per cent of the public that goes out and does these type of events and vandalizes or damages," says Chacko. "I assume typically these are juvenile stunts and it's really unfortunate because obviously it weighs on the entire tax basin."