Veterans And Students Head To Ottawa For War History Trip

Grade 10 History students are taking a once in a life time trip this March Break with Canadian war veterans. 

Ten students will be headed to Ottawa with four local veterans to visit the Canadian War Museum and Parliament Hill. The students won an essay contest about what Remembrance Day meant to them. The purpose of the trip is to give students a more in depth look at Canadian war history. 

Windsor Historical Society Vice President Matthew Pritchard says students will get an in depth experience on how things work in the nation's capital.

"I am really excited, says Pritchard. "Being a history nerd, I have met the kids so far and they all seem to be really into history. They have an understanding of what is important and we are giving them an understanding of the veterans and sort of the Canadian government."

Pritchard, says everything the students will do on the trip has historical value.

"We are actually taking the train. So it is going to be like the old days when the veterans signed up for the war. They would have got on the train and gone up to London and then later on shipped farther East. So it is sort of fitting I guess. World War 2 Veterans that are alive now were all 16-17 when they went in the war and all the kids going on this trip are all 15-16.") 

The trip is entirely paid for by the Windsor Historical Society.