Victim Identified In Downtown Shooting Now Deemed Suspicious

Windsor Police have now designated the shooting death of a man in an alley off Church Street as a Suspicious Death.

They have also identified the victim of the shooting as 16-year-old Chance Gauthier.

Sargeant Steve Betteridge says the Major Crimes Branch is actively investigating the case from early yesterday morning.

He says information from witnesses has led to designating the death as suspicious.

"Witnesses have reported to police hearing a possible gunshot in the early morning hours of February 14th and the investigation has determined the cause of death to this 16-year-old male - Chance Gauthier - has been from a gunshot wound.  We have not recovered any weapon so far in this investigation"

Sgt. Betteridge says police are hoping identifying the victim will help in gathering information.

"Anyone that knew Chance Gauthier, 16-year-old male, he was known to frequent our downtown quite a bit.  So our educated guess is that quite a few people out there may have known him.  So anyone that has information from that side of things"

He says releasing the name of a victim at this stage of an investigation is unusual.

"It is a rare situation where the Windsor police identify a victim and we are identifying (him) because we are reaching out to our community anyone that has any information that can help investigators get to the bottom of exactly what happened here"

Sargeant Betteridge confirms police have not recovered a weapon.

The body of a man was discovered around 7am Wednesday in an alley off Church St. between Erie and Caroline.