VIDEO: $20-Million for Gordie Howe Bridge Community Benefits Plan


The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority along with Bridging North America, the State of Michigan and the Government of Canada have released details for the community plan for the Gordie Howe International Bridge project. 

$20-million (CDN) has been set aside for the Community Benefits Plan.

The plan includes 29 initiatives on both sides of the border including Walpole Island First Nation.

$8.1-million will focus on landscaping and aesthetics while another $3.5-million is for community safety and connections.

$2.2-million will go towards community partnerships and $1.1-million will support economic benefits.

State of Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist says the plan will build both communities.

"We're excited to work with them to implement this community benefits package," says Gilchrist.  "There's never been an agreement reached like this between entities like these so want to make sure that everyone is benefiting and reaping the benefits of the job creation, the training, the educational opportunities, the neighbourhood beautification."    

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says Sandwich Town is the largest recipient of the Community Benefits Project.

"They'll start flowing out later this year and into about 2025," says Dilkens.  "So it's very very exciting you'll see a number of things happen that I think everyone will be really happy with that they see including bike lanes that leave from the Gordie Howe Bridge really that connects to our downtown, our water front path leading into downtown.           

Some highlights include Sandwich Street Enhancements, Sandwich Park Improvements, a Sandwich Art Project, an Ojibway Park Wildlife Eco-Passage Investment and a Windsor-Detroit Cross-River Tour.

Past Chair of the Sandwich Town BIA Mary-Ann Cuderman believes the enhancements are a win for Sandwich Town.

"I think it's going to be very good for us especially the tourism thing," says Cuterman.  "The refurbishing of the street, all of those things are good things for Sandwich."

There is still some remaining money on the table for future enhancements.

Work will begin this year and is expected to finish by 2025.