VIDEO: 400 Kids in Windsor-Essex Still in the Classroom


Rather than spending their days by the pool, some students in Windsor-Essex are still in the classroom.

Nearly 400 students are taking part in the Summer Learning Program (SLP) through the Greater Essex County District School Board.

Teacher Yvette Lehman tells CTV Windsor, she identifies where a student's gaps are and goes from there.

"I try to work with them in those areas to see improvements over the course of three weeks," she says. "The ministry said this year that we're focusing on the fundamentals and they have identified the fundamentals for us by curriculum expectation per grade."

The program is made up of mostly Grade 2 students and focuses on math and literacy. Lehman says it's important for students to learn the fundamentals at a young age.

"We're trying to create students who are ready for jobs that are going to be presented to them in the 21st century," she says.

Robotics and environmental sustainability are also being offered as part of the three week course that runs until July 19th.