VIDEO: Alarming Cycling Stats Released


Cycling advocates say they're not surprised to hear 890 bicycle riders died in Canada between 2006 and 2017.

The Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database found collisions with a motor vehicle made up 73 percent of fatal cycling incidents, while 25 percent were involved in collisions with another cyclist, pedestrian or stationary object.

Sarah Cipkar is the Community Development Co-ordinator with the Downtown Windsor Collaborative and tells CTV Windsor she was involved in a collision with a pedestrian on a sidewalk on Howard Avenue about 10-years ago.

Cipkar admits she was an inexperienced and uneducated cyclist at the time.

"What saves lives is the investment in the infrastructure, because when you have protected bike lanes the chance of you intersecting with a bike lane is so much less."

Executive Director of Bike Windsor-Essex Lori Newton says the data speaks for itself.

"Data is critically important, without data we don't have a solid base for making decisions," says Newton.

She tells CTV Windsor, more needs to be done to protect cyclists.

"While we like to talk about cyclists protecting themselves from being hit, wearing high vis, wearing a helmet we neglect looking at the cause of the collisions and that is people driving cars."

The Stats Canada report also found 32 percent of cyclists involved in a fatal incident were not wearing a helmet.