VIDEO: Belle River Hockey Team Needs Your Vote

It's a fierce competition off the ice for the Atom AE Belle River Hockey Team.

The team is a finalist in the Hometown Hockey Canadian Cheer Contest.

People have until April 7th at 11:59pm to vote for the team's cheer.

Team Coach Jamie Fick says the team performed the cheer during a stop by Hometown Hockey in Windsor back in November. "This is for the kids. My whole hockey season has always been for the kids, they had a blast when we were in Windsor, we were on a stage, they are all together, they are all friends, we are cheering, that's what it is really about."

"It's a boost for the team," says Fick. "In our dressing room one night after a game, we decided we wanted to put our team in this cheer competition, to get the Belle River Association out into the public and get some recognition and let the kids have some fun, so we came up with a cheer."

The winning cheer gets thousands of dollars worth of prizes in equipment, an NHL Alumni experience and practice experience.

Click here to vote in the Canadian Cheer Contest.